1. It’s my 23rd birthday today! Having dinner with family later at a fondue restaurant and celebrating my birthday on Thursday with my boyfriend :)

    Sooo excited for dinner. Fondue is one of my favorites!!!


  3. sollevatore:

    seriously FUCK impatient people.

    this morning between 7 and 8:30am sales were DOUBLE what they normally are on a tuesday and, you guessed it, i’m here by myself today. i had a table of 3 come in for omelets and complicated coffee drinks that i had to make all while i had a line of people out the…

    Your job stresses me out/gives me anxiety just by reading this. I, too, work in a restaurant where I’m expected to do 5789 things at once. I understand where you’re coming from!


  4. Work is still taking over my life but the good news is I’m finally getting over being sick! Woke up today feeling not so great so my boyfriend made me breakfast before work :)

    B- eggs scrambled with peppers and cheddar cheese + 1 piece whole grain toast topped with chocolate hazelnut butter + banana/orange juice smoothie and a glass of tea
    L- chobani peach pistachio yogurt + clif bar
    D- turkey, apple slices, havarti cheese and honey mustard on 2 pieces whole grain toast + side of sweet potato fries

    Now off to bed because I’m exhausted because I’ve worked nearly 20 hours in the last two days…

  5. Apparently being sick and recovering in your house for 48 hours will turn you into an online shopping addict… Just spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothes and organic skin care products.

    BUT I found some bomb ass coupons off of retailmenot.com and saved a ton of $$$. Not sure how I ever lived without that website.

    So excited to try my organic body oil, shave oil, and scented soaps from The Honest Company. Jessica Alba is such a beaut and I’ve heard really good things about her company. The three different scented soaps sound sooo delicious: juniper sage, vanilla tangerine, and lavender. I can’t wait! I got 5 soap bars, 1 bottle body oil, and 1 bottle shave oil for only $40 using the free shipping code + a $10 off code from retailmenot!

  6. karicanrun:

    On Saturday August 16 while driving home from our trip to Leavenworth Joey, Emmalyn and I were part of a roll-over accident on I-90. Around mile post 37 Joey and I were passing a car (they were in the far right lane and we were in the middle lane) that was going about 60 and us,70. When our nose was right past or equal to her rear bumper she without warning or a blinker started to fully come into our lane. Joey (knowing there was no-one on our left) swerved left to avoid her but we were heading towards the center guard rail going about 70 so Joey swerved back to the right which is when we fish-tailed. Joey might have been able to gain control but before he could the lady - who was still in our lane at that point - collided with us on the passenger side of the car (Emmalyn in the backseat of the passenger side) and we’re pretty sure hit my door. This sent both of us out of control and off the highway to the right. We went into the ditch still at a very fast speed and then rolled/flipped 1 and a half times which landed us upside-down. Emmalyn started screaming as soon as the car stopped. We were able to get out through my door within 15-30 seconds and Joey was able to get her out within a minute or so. By the time we were out of the car there were already two officers there to help, they had been driving behind the accident, and multiple cars stopped to help one of which was able to give a statement that the lady did go into our lane.

    Thanks to the Lord’s protection none of us in the accident have any
    major trauma. We got checked out and cleared at the ER and are going to the chiropractor this afternoon. We had been on a two mile straight stretch of I-90 and since it had rained recently our landing in the grass was a lot softer. It was only our two cars that were part of the accident. Emmalyn doesn’t even have a scratch on her. She just had some dirt on her face and
    arms. She started eating pretty much right away once out of the car
    and then smiling within 20 minutes. Joey and I have some scrapes, bruises and soreness but it seems to be a minimal amount considering what

    The lady who hit us is 79 years old. The man at the towing yard said she didn’t know why we needed to swerve and noticed her motor skills are very slow and thought she shouldn’t be driving and I would agree, she should not be driving. She almost killed our 7 week old baby, and us as well. If you are close with someone who is elderly please take the time to ensure they are safe to drive. I would recommend to have them retake the driving test to see if they should be driving still. People make a big deal about drunk drivers (as they should) but what about elderly people who no longer have full control of their actions? There are far too many occurrences of elderly people killing people with a car and it almost happened to us.

    I have been saying this for the longest time: people past a certain age should be required to re-take their driver’s license test. A few years ago, an elderly lady approached a stop on my right hand side. I was driving (the speed limit) and had the right of way—I did not have a stop sign. I saw her literally look my way, MADE EYE CONTACT WITH ME, then proceeded to pull out right in front of me, causing me to slam on my brakes and nearly miss her. She was completely unfazed by the whole thing. Had no idea she nearly caused an accident. Just went about her business like nothing was wrong. It’s a serious problem and you all are lucky to be alive too! That crash sounds awful and horrible. The fact you had a 7 week old baby in the car with you is terrifying. So glad you guys are all okay.

  7. I swear, I’m cursed. It’s like as soon as I start getting my motivation back to work out, something happens—I get injured or sick.

    Been running and going to the gym for the past 2 weeks and now I’m sick with possible strep throat. I literally cannot swallow without feeling like my throat is being ripped up with knives. I feel weak/nauseas/headachy too. UGHHHH

    Cannot eat solid foods and basically have been living off of macaroni and cheese, hot soup, and ice cream for two days. I never thought I’d say this but… I’m so fucking sick of ice cream. Literally the thought of it right now makes me wanna vom.

    Currently on antibiotics, hoping and praying this goes away by Saturday because I have to work a double shift. I already had to call out of work Wednesday. Luckily I had today and also have tomorrow off already…


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  9. Just competed a three mile-ish run with my boyfriend in the park. I would say it was about 65% or more uphill so I struggled with it because I am not used to running at an incline. AT ALL.

    Now my knee is really bothering me and I’m sad. But I’m gonna go easy on it for a few hours until I work later tonight…which unfortunately is going to require lots of walking since I work in a restaurant.

    Gonna go devour some eggs and toast now bye!

  10. Had a nice, relaxing Sunday off. Much needed too…work has been so annoying and I just can’t catch a break. Today I:

    -went on a 2 mile run with my dad
    -got this delicious juice along with a veggie wrap
    -gave myself this gel manicure that I did on my own using my favorite natural nude color
    -watched copious amounts of reality television
    -tumblr stalked people

    Now I’m going to go hang with my mom who just got home from a weekend beach trip. Goodnight!!!